1000+ Free Google Slides Themes and Templates to boost your presentations - Page 2

We are a team of professional designers who are keen on creating original presentations. Our templates are free and super easy to use. Come and download any of them in one click!

Gray Funny Easter

Our free Gray Funny Easter presentation template is perfect for creating a marketing campaign plan for this holiday. It's no secret that sales or the number of required services can increase significantly on holidays. So, you can use this nice Easter design for your needs. Template customization is available in Google Slides.

Contrast Easter

Is Easter coming soon? It is not only an occasion to meet with relatives and have a good time with family, but also to earn more money. You can use our free Contrast Easter presentation template for a personal or business need. Get access to ready-made slides in an attractive style and with an impressive background! Customization is available in Google Slides.

Marketing Clinical Plan

Do you want to design your marketing plan in an unusual format? Take advantage of our free, one-click Marketing Clinical Plan presentation template. We have prepared thematic clinic-style slides that are available to you now. Add any content there including text, graphics, and images using Google Slides.

Pastel Floral Tropic

Do you need a presentation to promote your eco company or marketing services? Our versatile Pastel Floral Tropic presentation template is up to the task. Get a unique and unusual slide design and structure for free now! You can customize, change, and add new slides and other presentation elements. Customization is available in Google Slides.

Wonderful Floral Ukraine

What do you know about Ukraine? It is the largest country in Europe with the richest culture and history! Tell your friends or students about this country using this stylish Wonderful Floral Ukraine presentation template! We are happy to help you create an exciting presentation about this country! Use our templates for free!

Environmental Education Day

The environment is an important part of the life of any person on Earth! If you want to share information about various issues with your students, you can do it quickly and professionally. Get the Environmental Education Day presentation template for free and add any information to the finished slide design. Customization is available in Google Slides.

Bright Professional Tennis

For your tennis club to have more regular customers and members, you need a modern promotion! Present your services using our free Bright Professional Tennis presentation template with slides specially styled for this theme. You can customize any slides, and add text and other content using Google Slides.

Bright Green Summer

Our versatile Bright Green Summer presentation template can serve a wide variety of needs. You can use it to promote your summer camp, summer action sports, and more. Get a copy of the presentation for free now! You can also add any text content and images using Google Slides.

Gradient Climate Change

The problem of climate change and an increase in average temperature around the globe remains relevant. If you have something to say about this issue and want to share your thoughts with the world, we will be happy to help you. You can get a free copy of the Gradient Climate Change Presentation Template now! Add any information to the finished slides!

Modern Boxing School

Are you looking to attract young talent to your boxing school? Or just want to talk about your favorite sport? Get a copy of the pre-made Modern Boxing School presentation template now and start customizing. You can work on customizing the template in Google Slides. Use a ready-made modern design to save you time.

Modern Culture of France

If you want to talk about the culture and heritage of France, our Modern Culture of France presentation template is the best option to show your presentation. You can download it for free and customize it for any requirement. The pre-made slides with black backgrounds are perfect for your needs. Start customizing in Google Slides or other presentation editors.

Pastel Illustrated Greece

Do you want to finish your school project faster? Or do you need to lecture about the history of Greece and the current state of affairs? We have prepared a Pastel Illustrated Greece presentation that make your task easier. Add any relevant content to the already prepared slides. You can get the template for free and start customizing it in Google Slides now.