Free Free Google Slides templates to boost your presentations

We are a team of professional designers who are keen on creating original presentations. Our templates are free and super easy to use. Come and download any of them in one click!

Black Minimalist Chemistry

Collecting information for a presentation about chemistry is pretty hard. Luckily, after you are done with it, you don't have to make a design for your presentation as it is already done by our creative team. Dark slides with pink letters and numbers will make your audience speechless. Every slide has a different structure which will make it easier for you to find the most suitable ones and delete others. Use our Google theme for free and share your knowledge on chemistry with your colleagues!

Red Cute Coffee

Having a coffee shop is great. But when it comes to the development of this business, many people cannot decide what ideas are better to implement. With our coffee shop presentation template it's going to be significantly easier. You can prepare plenty of different ideas and show them to your team. Let them speak up and say what they think about your offers. You don't even have to gather everyone in one room to discuss it as you can simply share this google theme via email or social networks.

Pastel Cute Birthday

A birthday preparation process is not always easy. But if you divide it into separate steps and follow them one by one, you will do everything on time and without much stress. Our google theme template will allow you to create a plan of a birthday party organization and present it to others. You can edit all the parts of this template including colours, images and font styles. The nice blue shade on the images makes every slide special and attractive for those who are going to listen to your presentation.

Blue Simple Water

Any presentation somehow related to water can be shown on our beautiful slides. Lots of fascinating aqua images are included in the template. But the images are not the only reason to use this magnificent Google slides theme. We also selected several great font styles for you. Use all of them to attract the attention to the issue you are going to talk about. Fill these slides with tables and bar charts to give your audience the best overview of the topic.

Brown Vintage History

If you want to tell about history and make it really interesting for everyone, our presentation template in vintage style might be helpful. Its beautiful brownish shades and amazing font styles will make everyone speechless. If you want to grab the attention of your audience from the first second, this is the right choice. All you have to do is to edit the layout in Google Slides which is extremely easy. Try it now and tell us how it went!

Gold Cute New Year

Our team of wonderful designers is always ready for New Year. They are full of excellent ideas on how to decorate special holiday presentations. Take a look at this golden one. It looks gorgeous whatever slide you open. Whatever the topic of your presentation is, you can use this google docs theme to make it breathtaking. Add your own images or use ours and enjoy the reaction of people who will be listening to you.

Pastel Colorful France

Are you in love with France? Is teaching French your cup of tea? Share the best strategies related to learning this language with your students and colleagues. This presentation template is one of the ways to do it. Just fill it in with the text content and save in the format you like. The pastel colors will remind everyone of beautiful France and motivate them to learn French.

Pastel Colorful Food

If you want everyone to know that donuts in your place are the best, present your products with this beautiful google theme. It has a nice pastel design with a lot of cute details. Of course, it can be used not only for telling about donuts. You can replace our images with any other food photos and impress your audience with a perfectly designed presentation. All the elements you see on the layout are editable.

Gray 90s School

This gray template is a universal thing. You can use it for presenting some info related to IT. But it also can be used for hundreds of other topics. Not everyone is going to be excited about the dark design. But the point of it is to draw maximum attention to the text information included in the presentation. With this template, you will be able to show that you take every task seriously. By the way, the usage is free.

Black Vintage Music

Vintage music is the melodies that never get old. If you want to tell others about the best hits you've ever heard, our black presentation template will be useful for you. It is also great for people who want to share some historical information about music. We added images of different instruments to this google slides theme to make it special. If you want to place a logo of your company or some pictures, you can do it while editing the template.

Blue Professional Ice Hockey

Are you keen on watching professional ice hockey? Or maybe your job is somehow related to it? In both cases, our blue presentation template can be a good choice for you. With it, you will be able to show others a lot of important information about different hockey clubs and famous players. You can edit this template in Google Slides and save it on your computer without paying a cent. Try it now!

Dark Modern Travel

It's time to travel. Time to fill your life with new impressions and emotions. If you are the one who helps others to discover new cities and countries, this presentation template is for you. It has a dark modern design which is great for those who want to grab all the attention while presenting some new topics. With our template, you can tell about the new destinations your company is going to provide or any updates. The usage is completely free.