1000+ Free Google Slides Themes and Templates to boost your presentations

We are a team of professional designers who are keen on creating original presentations. Our templates are free and super easy to use. Come and download any of them in one click!

Navy Blue Ocean Therapy

Are you preparing for a lesson at school? Or, on the contrary, received homework to make a unique presentation on the theme of marine life? Then check out our Free Navy Blue Ocean Therapy Template! This versatile design in dark tones is suitable for a variety of purposes. You can get a copy of the finished template for free! Customization is available in Google Slides and other editors.

Beatiful Spring Season

Are you preparing to open a new service or promote your perfume fragrance? Our free Beautiful Spring Season presentation template is the best and most versatile option for a variety of purposes. You can use a ready-made, bright, and fresh design for free! Template customization is available in Google Slides and other editors.

Black Forest Marketing

Can't decide on the design of the slides, the selection of fonts for your presentation, and the presentation of a new company product? Then use the ready-made Black Forest Marketing Presentation template, and don't waste your time. Template customization is available in Google Slides and other presentation editors. You can add any relevant content including images, statistics, and text!

Cute Pink Mother`s Day

Congratulate the closest and dearest person in your life on her holiday! Our Cute Vivid Mother`s Day presentation template is suitable for this and many other tasks. You can use it for free in Google Slides or other presentation editors. You can add any slides, table of contents, statistics, or other content to the template!

Dark Professional Gradient Money

Do you provide consulting services to other companies? Tell your clients about your services and offers using our free Dark Professional Gradient Money presentation template. Dark background color, stylish elements, and ready-made fields for statistics and facts about your offer will save you a lot of time. You can customize and set up your presentation using Google Slides.

Dark Illustrated Ancient Greece

This ready-to-use presentation inspired by ancient Greece will help you save time on promoting or speaking about your services or products. Universal design with a dark background and elements of ancient Greece will attract the attention of listeners from the first second. You can use the template for free in Google Slides and other presentation editors.

White Professional Chemistry

Do you want to report to the investors of your cosmetic company? Or are you preparing for the presentation of a new product? Tell everyone about your offer in detail using the unique White Professional Chemistry presentation template. We have prepared stylish and modern slides with ideas for your content. All that remains is to enter up-to-date information, graphics, and other details using Google Slides.

Beautiful Kindergarten

To advertise your private kindergarten, we suggest using a ready-made Beautiful Kindergarten presentation template. Show photos of children and teachers, and tell about all the benefits and pricing of your educational institution. You can use the template prepared by our best designers for free! And for customization, Google Slides is suitable.

Blue Rustic Japan

If you don't have the time, money, or energy to create a Japanese culture presentation from scratch, you won't find a better option than our free Blue Rustic Japan presentation template. The stylish yet modern design is intertwined with ancient Japanese elements that make this template perfect. You can use the preset for any personal and business needs for free!

Black Modern Animal

Are you getting ready for an educational class about animals? Check out our stylish, custom Black Modern Animal presentation template. We have prepared unique but versatile slides suitable for any biology lesson. You can add photos of animals, interesting facts, and statistics. Use Google Slides and other presentation editors to work with the template.

Beautiful Happy Easter

Do you want to introduce people to the tradition of celebrating Easter? We have created a suitable festive Happy Easter presentation template that is perfect for your task. You can add the history of the holiday, the main symbols and cultures, and any other information there. But at the same time, you do not have to create each slide from scratch. For customization, you can use Google Slides.

Green Cognitive Mexico

Nothing fits a presentation about Mexican culture or business like our free Cognitive Mexico presentation template. You no longer have to spend time creating each slide from scratch. Take advantage of ready-made professional designs in Mexican style from our developers. Add any content there using the capabilities of Google Slides.