1000+ Free Google Slides Themes and Templates to boost your presentations

We are a team of professional designers who are keen on creating original presentations. Our templates are free and super easy to use. Come and download any of them in one click!

Blue Abstract Math

Do you want your students to learn new information? Or, on the contrary, did you get the task of doing a school project? Either way, our Blue Abstract Math presentation template is a great choice. The simple yet effective design and structure of the template will help you save time creating your presentation. And for customization, you can use Google Slides and other editors.

Green Modern Biology

Do you need a presentation for your school biology project urgently? No problem! With our free and easy-to-customize Modern Biology presentation template, you can get the job done in just a few minutes. We have prepared a series of engaging slides that you can work with now. Add relevant content to your presentation using Google Slides.

Colorful Spooky Halloween

Halloween is coming, and you want to invite your friends to your party or tell them about the history of this holiday? Our Colorful Spooky Halloween presentation template will get you up and running in minutes. Custom Halloween slides, and eye-catching designs are great choices for your task. You can use Google Slides to customize the template.

Bright Graduation

Are you going to make a presentation dedicated to graduation from high school or college? Then our Bright Graduation presentation template is a great choice to save your time. We have prepared an easy-to-use template with ready-made slides to make your work easier. You can add various photos and any other information using Google Slides.

Charming Culture Mexican

Do you want to prepare a school project or just an interesting presentation about Mexican culture? We will gladly help you do it! Use the ready-made Charming Culture Mexican presentation template, which will reduce the time required to create it. Slides with engaging content and statistics, various illustrations, and more are ready to use.

Simple White Thanksgiving

Do you want to tell people about the big holiday and its history? The best way to get the most out of your story is to use our Simple White Thanksgiving presentation template. You will find ready-to-use slides and a lot of information in this template. In addition, you can customize the template for any of your needs using Google Slides.

Gradient Infographics Culture Italy

Our Gradient Infographics Culture Italy presentation template is a great way to save your time. You can use our unique custom gradient design slides to make a professional presentation on any topic. We have prepared a lot of content, including infographics and interesting facts about this country. In addition, you can customize the template using Google Slides.

Stylish Bright Golf

Do you want to advertise your golf club or courses? Then use the Stylish Bright Golf Presentation Template right now. We offer a custom presentation with exclusive slides that you can use at your discretion. Add any content, photos, and statistics using convenient tools built into Google Slides.

Stylish Marketing Travel Plan

Do you need an advertisement for your travel agency? The best way to make an interesting and attractive advertisement is a presentation. And so that you can make a presentation quickly and efficiently, we offer a Stylish Marketing Travel Plan template. Take advantage of our ready-made slides and content ideas for free and customize the template to your needs using Google Slides.

Funny Colorful Superhero

Our free Funny Colorful Superhero presentation template is a great way to create a marketing campaign for your establishment and help with any other tasks! You can add an up-to-date description to ready-made slides, or any infographic and use our content ideas! For customization, use Google Slides.

Unique Modern Space

Do you want to create a space-themed presentation for your school project? Or need slides with an attractive space background? Then check out the free Modern Space presentation template. Our ready-made slides with a unique design, and the ability to add any content including graphics and more. Start customizing using Google Slides now!

Funny Aquamarine Water

Our free, easy-to-customize Funny Aquamarine Water presentation template is a great way to make a school project, your company presentation, and more. A versatile and responsive template will help you save time and money on creating a presentation. You can use ready-made slides with statistics and an attractive design and add any information using Google Slides.