1000+ Free Google Slides Themes and Templates to boost your presentations

We are a team of professional designers who are keen on creating original presentations. Our templates are free and super easy to use. Come and download any of them in one click!

Political Environment

A lot of stuff is going on in politics today. If you want to share interesting facts related to this topic with others, use our presentation to attract all the attention to your speech. The slides with an exceptional design will make everyone in the room listen to you as carefully as possible. Make your presentation unforgettable using our free template.

Black Boxing Sport

Our boxing Google theme with the excellent black design will allow you to present all the information you have in a perfect way. This template is great for telling about different sportsmen or just people who have played an important role in this industry. You can edit the presentation, add your own pictures and text to it, and then download it for free.

Simple Colorful Education Animal

If you are preparing a presentation about different animals, use our beautiful template for sharing your information with others. The slides made by our fantastic designers are absolutely perfect for educational purposes. Your students are going to be amazed by every fact you tell them about animals if you present it in the right way. The slides we offer to you are free to use.

Blue Valentines Day

The romantic atmosphere of Valentine's day is in the air! If you want to promote your company products or services using the Valentine's day theme, our Google theme will help you to plan everything properly. The cute design full of heart will let you impress everyone with the romantic vibes. You can describe your ideas in detail or just write short descriptions for every slide and tell about them in more detail during your presentation.

Gold Modern Math

Show your students that Math is cool. Present the new topic on our slides and impress everyone with the beautiful world or numbers and calculations. Bright colors of the google theme we prepared for you will allow you to catch the attention of everyone in the classroom. If you want to be a great teacher and enjoy your work, use these slides for your Math classes!

Green Nature

You will not find a presentation that would be more green than this one. Our designers did a truly great job once again and you can see the result of their efforts right here. You can use our google theme to present various topics related to nature. For instance, if your company is producing organic food and you have come up with a great marketing strategy for it, share your thoughts with your colleagues using our beautiful green slides.

Social Marketing

Preparing an efficient marketing strategy is hard enough. Creating a design for presenting your ideas might take a lot of time and effort as well. Nevertheless, if you want to be truly successful, you need to find a way to present it properly. So what can you do? Our google slide theme is a perfect solution. You can use it to tell other members of your team about the amazing marketing strategy you created for promoting different brands. By the way, this template is 100% free.

Dark Futuristic Biology

We prepared something exciting for you. What do you think of our dark futuristic biology google theme? Presenting any scientific topics is going to be a success. It's important to use well-designed presentations to draw people's attention to important matters. If you have some useful info to share with others, use this template to highlight the importance of your data.

Discreet Graduation

We made this discreet graduation truly special as you are going to use it for preparing for your special day. The photos used in this presentation template are black-and-white which make every page look vintage. But of course, you can add colourful photos in Google Presentations when editing the template. Write your text or simply delete the text content on some slides, add more photos and just remove ours and leave empty space - change the template in the way you want and use it for free.

Modern Environmental Education

Modern environmental education can be incredibly useful. People should definitely know more about the planet and how to save it. If you have some interesting information that can be used for educating others about our environment, use our amazing Google theme template. Every page has a beautiful style that will certainly appeal to your audience and make them pay attention to what you are telling them.

Gray Minimal Marketing Wedding

You can use our gray minimal marketing wedding template to impress your audience. This Google Docs theme is completely free for everyone who wants to use it. And by the way, the beautiful design of the template makes it universal. You can present your marketing strategy with it or use it to share your business idea with potential investors. All our presentations are also perfectly suitable for being used for educational purposes.

Green Professional Soccer

Take a look at our super fresh green professional soccer presentation template. Its design is intended to impress everyone who sees it. Our fantastic Google theme will make all the information you add to it look exciting. As you see, there are a lot of numbers on the slides. We suggest you include some numbers as well to make the information more interesting for your audience.